How Metron will Effectively Scale and Manage Your Security App Exchange

Metron’s Integration Exchange Framework is designed to manage and maintain all third party security applications.

How Metron will Effectively Scale and Manage Your Security App Exchange

Metron's Integration Exchange helps you manage and maintain third-party applications.

Every solution is designed to ensure that all integrations are up-to-date with relevant documentation, a standard code base is maintained, and the deployment environment leverages Metron’s Integration Exchange Framework. The solution will allow to:

  1. Enable end-users (clients) to easily deploy the integration in a cloud framework or on-premises;
  2. Allow sales teams to easily demo relevant integrations;
  3. Provide Level 2 support for all integration-related issues.

1. What do the Security Exchange services include?

Metron Integration Exchange

Metron’s framework is designed to provide a scalable integration framework that can manage and maintain multiple integrations. This enables the end-user to run integrations/plugins on our cloud infrastructure or on-premise. Please see the Architecture section for more details.

Quality standards for all integrations

Metron will provide Quality Certification for all integrations. The process is streamlined, consisting of functional testing, code quality, and application standards. It will include the following:

  1. Functional testing: Test cases are reviewed for full coverage, and manually re-tested to ensure report validity.
  2. Code quality and security: The code must not contain any prohibited or deprecated customization methods that reduce the solution's security, compatibility, or performance.
  3. UX standards compatibility.
  4. Trial data to illustrate the functionality.

Maintain code base and documentation

Metron will maintain all code in Github/Bitbucket. Documentation will be maintained and updated on a quarterly basis.

Version Upgrades and Compatibility

Metron will ensure that the integrations are updated on a quarterly basis and are compatible with the latest and previous two versions.

  1. Level-2 Support
  2. L2 support will be provided for all integrations. All support tickets will be recorded in JIRA. Support will be available via Slack Channel or Phone call – whenever required and in coordination with Securonix.

2. Integration Exchange Overview

The Metron Integration Exchange is customized to maintain all integrations so that it can be deployed in the client's environment (or secure third-party cloud environment).

Figure 1: An Overview of Metron Integration Exchange

3. Features of the Metron Integration Exchange

  1. A common platform with all the features required for typical data exchange integrations: Secure credential storage; Polling and cron jobs; Logging; and Proxy support.
  2. Deployable on our infrastructure or yours.
  3. Each integration deployment runs in an isolated container.
  4. An administrative interface to manage integrations.
  5. Up-to-date software packages for security.
  6. On-demand provisioning.
  7. Hosted on our infrastructure or on-premise.

4. What else does it include?

Metron maintains all third-party integrations:

  1. Quarterly review and updates of all connectors and parsers.
  2. QA/QC for all integrations is to be reviewed quarterly.
  3. Maintenance of third-party integrations.
  4. Documentation updates.

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