API Monitoring Tool for Security Application Integrations

We're pleased to announce that our API monitoring tool is now available!

API Monitoring Tool for Security Application Integrations

Monitoring REST APIs for your critical data integrations

Modern security applications ingest data from hundreds of sources. The totality of your security posture depends on reliable and continuous ingestion of event data from all sources. As such, any failure from a third party REST API will need to be flagged early so that you can investigate and fix the ingestion pipeline.

Even then, once you have your data ingestion pipeline set up, you need to ensure that it stays up.

A number of factors can contribute to a broken pipeline, including:

  1. API Version changes - One of the main reasons for broken data integrations is that the third party platform changes their API. This can be a major version overhaul or smaller changes that still change the API contract between you and the third party platform.
  2. API Server / Base URL changes
  3. API Response schema changes - The third party platform can change the schema of their API responses.
  4. Connectivity issues - This can be on your platform or a third party platform's networks.

For some of these challenges, you can fix them internally by making your data ingestion framework more resilient to issues. For example, if there are intermittent network issues, you can still make sure that you retry fetching events for the missed time period.

However, for some changes - such as API URL and Response schema changes - it will require code changes to ensure that you have the same quality of data as before.

Notably, you will want to be alerted of these breaking changes before your customers escalate it to your team. Having a head start will allow you to change your data ingestion code to handle the changes before it impacts any of your customers and your relations with them.

Fortunately, Metron Security has built an API monitoring tool that will solve this problem for you.

Introducing the Metron Security API Monitoring Tool

We're pleased to announce that our API monitor will:

  1. Continuously monitor all APIs and responses that your integration uses.
  2. Provide a dashboard so you can easily see the status of the APIs you rely on. You can also query historical data to see if there are any trends around API failures.
  3. Alert you when a API contract fails with a third party system so you can respond to it quickly.
  4. Be customized around the APIs and responses that you use. We monitor only the parts of the response that your integration depends on so that we avoid alert fatigue.

Best of all - it's already available at API Monitoring for Security App Integration

Interested? Get in touch with us at connect@metronlabs.com

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