ServiceNow can be a powerful tool in your IT and security app ecosystem. However, like all apps, they periodically require updates or additions that your team may need to QA.

It is generally recommended that you QA thoroughly before any major deployment to your live working environment. QA Instances are environments where your team can perform tests to ensure the software functions within the quality requirements. This can include reviewing its security, performance, and stability of recent updates.

This article walks through the steps needed to update/deploy your ServiceNow app into a QA Instance. To do so, we will be using the Development instance as the source.

Prerequisite: Both the QA instance and the Dev instance should belong to the same vendor.

Setting Up Your ServiceNow QA Instance

Working from Dev Instance, begin by following these steps below:

  • Go to “My Company Applications”
  • Select the Application that you want to update on the QA instance.
  • Validate application.
  • From links on this page perform “Publish to My Application Repository”. Change the application scope if you are not able to see “Publish to My Application Repository”.
  • Specify version number and provide dev notes(this will reflect on QA instance) if required.
  • Click on Submit to publish it to the Company's Application Repository.

Next, go to the QA Instance where you want to deploy the app:

  • Go to "My Company Applications".
  • Select the Application that you want to install/update on this instance. You will find the application in the “Not installed” section if it is not yet installed.
  • Select the version you want to install or update. You will be able to see the version besides the Install/Update button.
  • Click on Install/Update. It will show the progress of the installation/updating of the application and notify once installed/updated.

And done!

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