IBM QRadar SOAR (formerly known as Resilient) is an incident response platform that pairs well with your larger security ecosystem (especially if you are relying on SIEM and SOAR solutions such as QRadar).

In the following guide, we will walk you through setting up IBM Resilient using a standalone virtual machine.


Before installing and using the resilient server, users will need

  • A PC (Host Machine, not a VM) with 16+ GB of RAM. We have tested on Ubuntu Linux 20.04LTS, but Windows should work
  • Oracle VirtualBox

Installing and Configuring the server

Step 1 : Download the files

‌‌Download the files from

Step 2 : Import the OVA file

Double click  on the OVA file and import the virtual appliance into VirtualBox. Do not change any settings.Click on import and Agree the agreement.



Step 3 : Start the imported VM

Start the imported virtual machine and let it install without any interaction. It will ask you to set up passwords, at that point enter those in. Also confirm the assigned IP address.

After that the system will be rebooted.


Step 4 : Fetch the license key

Fetch the license  key from our password manager. It is saved as “IBM Resilient License Key for 2023”. Copy the string into a text file called license-2023.key

‌‌Step 5 : Connect to Resilient server

Start the VM and Connect to Resilient server with following command ssh resadmin@IP  ‌‌                            

You can confirm Confirm the IP address of server with command ifconfig|less  

In case if Host key verification failed.

Run the command ssh-keygen -f "/home/metron/.ssh/known_hosts" -R "IP and try to connect again .

‌‌Step 6 : Copy the license file to server‌‌

Copy the license file onto the server using scp

scp ./license-2023.key resadmin@IP:~/

‌ Now check the file is copied in server

‌ Step 7 : Import the license file ‌‌

Import the license file (that you have previously copied using scp) using the command sudo license-import -file license-2023.key

‌Step 8 : Create the user

Create a user that you will use to log in with the following command.

sudo resutil newuser -createorg -email "emailadress" -first "firstname" -last "lastname" -org "Organizationname"‌‌‌‌

(Note : Set a password of 15 characters)


Step 9 : Login page

Resilient installation is now complete!

Open up https://IP in a browser to see the login page.                                                    

And with that you should have your IBM Resilient deployed and correct user access setup.

If you have any issues with any part of this guide, don't hesitate to reach out!

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