Metron Security Expands its Partnership Ecosystem

Metron is pleased to announce it is helping to secure enterprise networks with HPE.

Metron Security Expands its Partnership Ecosystem

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and sometimes at a dizzying rate.

As new solutions and tools are regularly hitting the market, security operations (SecOps) teams are often left with little time and resources to tie together the mountains of data coming in from multiple fronts. Worse, without a centralized platform or unified integration tying their various tools together, it can lead to challenges in visibility and threat response.

Fortunately, there exist numerous solutions that can tie all these disparate strands together, aggregating all security events with harmonized data. SIEMs, XDR, Data Lakes, and other solutions are effective ways of centralizing efforts among your Security Operations (SOC) teams and allowing your operations to act with greater precision and urgency where needed.

Several products can also offer a vital supporting role to this centralization process. Notable among them are various solutions from HPE Aruba Networking focusing on networks and security.  Applicable products include HPE Aruba Networking wireless LAN controllers (WLCs) and HPE Aruba Networking ClearPass Policy Manager.

As such, it is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that Metron Security has expanded its partner ecosystem to include HPE Aruba Networking in order to bring seamless integration between their suite of products and leading SIEM, SOAR, XDR, and Data Lake platforms on the market.

Connecting Together

HPE Aruba Networking offers an array of solutions to provide enterprise customers the secure network infrastructure they need to digitally transform.

With Metron's proficiency across diverse security platforms, SecOps teams will be able to seamlessly integrate HPE Aruba Networking with all major security platforms and solutions. Together, these integrations will better enable comprehensive network visibility and consolidation of your organization’s entire security stance.

A few of the top-level integration between HPE Aruba Networking solutions and common organization security platforms include:

  • SIEM: Transfer events from your HPE Aruba Networking solutions into your operational command center to speed up and improve threat detection and alert management across your organization.
  • Data Lake: Similar to above, by transferring events into a centralized storage infrastructure (and ideally one with an overarching data framework), your team can count on effective long-term data retention and security log analytics.
  • XDR: Incorporating event data collected by HPE Aruba Networking solutions into XDR platforms will facilitate search and correlation functions across various security tools used by your organization.
  • SOAR: Enable SOC teams to construct personalized playbooks that interface with HPE Aruba Networking solutions.

Connectivity like this can lead to numerous real world use cases between HPE Aruba Networking solutions and your security tools:

  • HPE Aruba Networking WLC Integration: Leveraging SSH access to the HPE Aruba Networking WLC's command line interface (CLI), this integration allows the retrieval of device specifics and helps establish a consistent, real-time depiction of network devices by optimizing data synchronization between the WLCs and the IoT platform.
  • HPE Aruba Networking Central: By extracting structured device metadata and integrating it into a graph database, along with using Streaming APIs for near real-time data gathering, this integration fortifies security network posture across devices while facilitating well-informed responses.
  • HPE Aruba Networking ClearPass XDR Integration: By integrating various event types from HPE Aruba Networking ClearPass Policy Manager and standardizing Session, Audit, System, and Insight events into the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) for an XDR platform, this approach ensures unified visibility and seamless integration of network events, streamlining the process of threat detection and response.


This collaboration between HPE Aruba Networking and Metron Security will enable security teams to take proactive steps when protecting their networks and allow for better decision-making when responding to threats. 

Metron Security is a leading provider of custom-built and on-demand third-party integrations for security ecosystems and a trusted development partner for many top security companies, ranging from the fastest-growing to the largest enterprises. The team has worked on over 200 security applications and continues to develop new applications each month. 

Metron is also the creator of the Security Exchange & Automation (SEA) platform, which allows end users to set up data exchange pipelines between security platforms rapidly. 

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