Transition Your IBM QRadar Application to the New Framework

Upgrade IBM QRadar Integration and publish in IBM X-Force Exchange

Transition Your IBM QRadar Application to the New Framework

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What is the Application Framework V2 update?

Previously, all QRadar applications ran on a base Operating System (OS) of CentOS 6.0x. However, by the end of 2020 and early 2021, QRadar will be transitioning to a new Application Framework v2 built on a containerized version of RedHat UBI 8.

The following document provides a high-level overview of the changes in the IBM QRadar App Framework.

Changes in V1 to V2 QRadar Framework


Highlights For QRadar Developers


All QRadar custom apps will have to be upgraded to use the new Application Framework.

Note: For a limited time, QRadar will continue to support all existing custom apps. However, following the transition period, all apps must use the new Application Framework.

Upgrading your existing QRadar application


Metron Labs is an IBM Security Partner with a Fixed Cost Model

To help your clients get the most out of your products, you have to ensure that your products work seamlessly in the entire SIEM ecosystem. Working with Metron Labs has 3 advantages:

  1. Metron is an IBM Security Partner: Metron is an IBM Security partner for their SIEM (QRadar) and SOAR (Resilient) applications. Metron has served leading digital security companies to build and maintain their QRadar applications.
  2. Keep your product team focused on core product development: You shouldn't have to assign high value product engineers to build third-party integrations. Let them focus on building great products, while we keep your integrations working smoothly.
  3. Fixed cost model with complete transparency: Metron has a fixed cost model for building interfaces, and we have a completely transparent process so you know exactly what's going on at any time.

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For updates on the latest version, please refer to QRadar: Master Software Version List.


Our integration service is priced at a fixed price based on the Statement of Work (SoW). We have a straightforward and transparent pricing model with no hidden fees. It consists of:

  1. Integration: Includes the total cost of building the integration and is based on fixed fees.
  2. Support: Our support is based on subscription based on a fixed number of hours per month basis. All the upgrades and customizations of the application are included in support.

Our cost per integration ranges from $20,000 - $25,000.

Support cost is optional and based on your requirements. Subscription Support is $85/hour (min. 25 hours per month) and On-demand Support is $125/hour (no minimum).

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