6 Important Factors to Consider For SOAR Adoption in 2024

SOAR platforms can act as the central hub for your security needs. We outline 6 important factors to consider for SOAR adoption as we move into 2024.

6 Important Factors to Consider For SOAR Adoption in 2024

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platforms serve as the central hub for many security operations (secops) teams across industries. These platforms are known for their versatility when it comes to driving the efficiency of your secops teams as well as improving their incident response capabilities.

As organizations navigate the complex landscape of adopting SOAR technology, however, the decision-making process can sometimes be as intimidating as it is crucial. Diving into this avenue requires a thoughtful examination of key factors to ensure a seamless integration and optimal investment in your security infrastructure.

In the post below, we outline 6 important factors to consider for SOAR adoption as we move into 2024.

1. Available Use Cases:

SOAR platforms offer a myriad of solutions, but deciphering how to leverage them effectively for specific organizational needs can be challenging. Take the time to meticulously assess which use cases of a given platform align most closely with your organization's structure and needs, ensuring maximum applicability and benefits right out of the box.

2. Onboarding and Ongoing Support:

Introducing new applications inevitably impacts workflows. To ease the transition period, be sure to leverage available talent within your organization or enlist a reliable partner, especially if the vendor's documentation is complex or support is infrequent. Smooth onboarding and ongoing support are crucial for sustained success with any platform adoption process.

3. Multi-Tenant Infrastructure:

For large enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), a robust multi-tenant infrastructure is imperative. Running a single instance of SOAR on multiple hosts to serve diverse tenants requires secure data segregation, ensuring compliance with data security and privacy regulations.

4. Time to Deploy:

The deployment of SOAR platforms is a comprehensive process that can span several weeks to several months depending on the complexity of your organization and its needs. Consider your team's current resources and evaluate potential disruptions to existing workflows before beginning the onboarding process. A realistic assessment of the time required helps ensure a smoother adoption process and better determine how much outside help your organization may need from the vendor or partners.

5. Third-Party Integrations:

SOAR platforms need to seamlessly connect with all the various security products employed by your organization. While most can integrate with a few applications out of the box, a flexible SOAR solution is essential to accommodate both current and future integration needs. Ensure adaptability is within reach of your chosen platform if you’re expecting your organization to be able to match the ever-evolving security landscapes. This is one area where a strong integration partner can also help alleviate your growing pains during the adoption process.

6. Consolidated Dashboards:

Achieving a unified security solution necessitates a comprehensive view of your entire operational base. Look for SOAR solutions that provide customizable dashboards, offering critical information at all levels. Ideally, these dashboards should be customizable on a per-user basis, providing a tailored and insightful perspective.

In conclusion, investing in a SOAR platform requires a strategic approach, considering these factors will empower your organization to make informed decisions that align with your specific security goals. By carefully navigating the considerations outlined above, you can ensure a seamless integration, optimal functionality, and enhanced security capabilities for your secops team.

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