Know Your SIEM Solutions: Exabeam’s Fusion SIEM

Looking for a cloud-native SIEM but unsure where to begin? Become familiar with Exabeam’s Fusion offering here.

Know Your SIEM Solutions: Exabeam’s Fusion SIEM

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Foster City, California, Exabeam is one of the most innovative providers in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity sector. Despite the company's relative youth, much of its software portfolio was developed and conceptualized by veterans in the sectors and has complementary offerings focused on analytics, with an emphasis on cloud services.

Exabeam offers its own cloud-native SIEM called Fusion. In the following post, you’ll become familiar with the Exabeam Fusion SIEM, its features, and have a better understanding of whether it’s the right tool to add to your cybersecurity portfolio.


Exabeam's Fusion is highly versatile and available as both a cloud-native and SaaS version, as well as a traditional on-premise version. As a cohesive command centre offering for security operations, Fusion benefits from the related offerings by Exabeam, providing a SIEM solution that encompasses unlimited data storage, compliance reports, and an extensive array of correlation rules and analytics within its standard package.

Features and Integrations

Right out of the box, one of the top features Fusion provides is a holistic experience for managing Threat Detection Investigation and Response (TDIR) processes. Added functionalities for User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) are also embedded, providing the platform with more versatility and options than some of the older SIEMs on the market.

Fusion further excels in fully-featured threat hunting and investigational interfaces, incorporating timeline representation and alignment with MITRE ATT&CK framework for detections. The platform's native capabilities include a customizable case management solution that focuses on incident prioritization and categorization, along with investigational checklists to help ensure consistency across Security Operations Center (SOC) teams.

Additional noteworthy features for this SIEM are those that deal with accessibility, including natural language and low-code-driven rule creation. This helps make the product more accessible to teams whose operatives and leadership may not have in-depth data science backgrounds.

However, while Exabeam offers a wide range of proprietary features, Fusion lacks internal products for endpoint and network telemetry. Because of this, users will need to turn to third-party integrations with other platforms in order to augment this area of the SIEMs management and reporting functionalities.

State of Development

Fusion is being actively developed and supported by Exabeam. Some of the recent enhancements to the platform have focused on log parsing and enrichment, alert triage functionality, and bolstering use case packages. In addition, since May 2022, and through a direct OEM partnership, Exabeam’s Threat Intelligence service merged with the ZeroFox Adversary Disruption service, further enhancing this SIEM’s threat detection and response capabilities.


Exabeam’s SIEM offers robust capabilities in data normalization along with highly scalable search and investigational features. All this is further reinforced when you take advantage of collaboration with Google Cloud and the platform's cloud-first approach. Along with its SaaS and traditional on-prem options, this SIEM is one of the most versatile on the market where deployment is concerned.

Nevertheless, while Exabeam has been busy enhancing the features of their offering, it does lag in some areas with the more established SIEMs. Notably, there is still some work to be done in terms of fully rolling out customization capabilities, especially with regards to dashboard personalization within the native system.

In any event, and despite these considerations, Exabeam's Fusion remains a strong SIEM choice, continually evolving to meet the dynamic demands of modern cybersecurity systems, landscapes, and team compositions.

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